#AllAreCalled: Pope Francis' Call to Action for the Earth


GIPL stands with Pope Francis and His Call to Action for Environment

Decatur, Georgia, June 18, 2015— Today Pope Francis published Laudato Si: An Encyclical on the Environment at the Vatican in Rome, Italy. Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, (GIPL) a statewide, faith-based non-profit that educates and empowers faith communities in environmental stewardship and sustainable practices, stands with the Pope in this historical moment of the release of “Laudato Si.”Rev. Kate McGregor Mosley, GIPL’s Executive Director states, “Here in Georgia, people of faith waited in anticipation for this spiritual document to shape the moral response to environmental degradation in our state and the world. We now have heard from the most influential global faith leader that we must take responsibility for the harm we have caused to this earth and now recognize that we are all called to steward this Earth in more sustainable, life-giving ways.”
For the last 12 years, GIPL has been the only faith-based environmental organization in Georgia that engages the over 15,000 houses of worship across the state in sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship as a witness to faith. GIPL’s programs teach people in Georgia how to embrace sustainability not only in their congregations, but also in their own homes. GIPL provides preaching, teaching, and faith education for all ages on environmental issues, and practical support with the greening of congregational facilities. Its mission is to shape a moral response to the environmental challenges of our time.
Since its inception, GIPL has provided complimentary or low cost energy audits for religious buildings and schools across the state, saving these institutions thousands of dollars that can be redirected from utility bills to mission critical programs. Through the Power Wise program, GIPL has provided low-cost, professional energy audits of 225 congregational facilities, helping cut over 9 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere.
In addition, GIPL provides resources for worship and education including curricula and certification programs. These are the type of programs that the encyclical points to as people of faith and congregations seek practical application of the Pope’s spiritual teaching.
For more information, contact info@gipl.org, Rev. Kate McGregor Mosley, 404-377-5552.
For the Press Release from National Interfaith Power & LIght, click here

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