Creation Care Champion: Myrtle Lewin

GIPL is excited to announce a new initiative to share the stories of individuals who have been our partners, allies, and inspirations in this work of caring for creation.  These “Creation Care Champions” have worked diligently in their communities drawing the connection between environmental concerns and their various faith traditions, revealing a common appreciation for the community of life, justice, stewardship, and awe. We hope that you are inspired by their stories and learn from their journeys.
Myrtle Lewin has lived in Atlanta for over 30 years, working as a math professor at Agnes Scott College. She has lived in the mid-west, rural New York, Israel and her native South Africa. These diverse environments have each contributed to the development of her environmental sensibilities. Since retiring, she has invested her energies in a number of local greening/environmental projects, as she has learned a great deal about Judaism’s deep environmental roots. This has provided a focus for her work, as she attempts to understand the connections between environmental issues, poverty, hunger and other social problems. She has worked with GIPL to put together three interfaith tree plantings on MLK Day, with Trees Atlanta, one of her favorite  non-profits.

GIPL believes that by sharing our stories about the setbacks as well as the victories large and small, we can support, inspire, and grow the community of individuals who understand and respond to the call to care for creation. If you know a Creation Care Champion (even if it’s you!) whose story should be told, please send their contact information to or just fill out the form below.
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