Practical climate solutions serve as guidebook for communities of faith

GIPL is partnering with Drawdown Georgia to help communities of faith engage in practical climate solutions. Drawdown Georgia is building a movement across the state to accelerate progress toward net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Their goal is to reduce Georgia’s carbon impact by 30% by 2030, and they’ve identified 20 high impact solutions to help cut emissions. The Drawdown Georgia solutions provide practical steps for congregations to take climate action and lower their personal and institutional carbon footprints. 

Get Involved

There are several ways that congregations can take part in the Drawdown Georgia movement:

  1. Schedule a Drawdown Georgia for Congregations workshop. This workshop reviews the 20 high impact solutions and focuses on the steps that congregations can take to engage with specific solutions. Congregations will learn about practical actions for reducing their carbon impact and the ways they can advocate for policies related to these solutions.
  2. Start a Green Team. Green Teams are critical in leading communities of faith in environmental stewardship and will help to employ practical climate solutions at the congregational level. 
  3. Register for Power Wise. Energy efficiency retrofits is one of the most impactful Drawdown Georgia solutions that congregations can implement on-site.
  4. Register for Solar Wise. Receive a free solar assessment and see if  rooftop solar is one Drawdown GA solution your congregation can implement 
  5. Register for our Zero-Waste program. Recycling, composting, and reducing food waste are important Drawdown solutions that congregations can engage in by starting with a zero- waste audit. 

Register for our Electric Vehicle Charging Station program. In 2017, vehicles accounted for 43% of the state’s CO2 emissions – congregations can help expand access to electric vehicles by installing EV charging infrastructure onsite.