Required Information Needed Before GIPL Can Schedule an Energy Audit:

1. Signed Memorandum of Understanding

2. Congregation Background Spreadsheet completely filled out

3. Utility Data:
12 Months of the most recent electric and natural gas bills (bill images scanned) for each meter. Georgia Power customers can access online electric utility data here. (Choose the FREE Standard section.)

4. Pay Energy Audit Fee:
There are two payment options for your energy audit – Submit a check payable to GIPL, Inc and mail to:
701 S. Columbia Drive, Campus Box 326, Decatur, Georgia 30030.

Or, click here and use our secure on-line payment system.

More about our forms:

The Memorandum of Understanding identifies what you can expect from GIPL and what GIPL can expect from your congregation.

The Congregational Background Form is used to evaluate your current energy performance, compare your congregation’s energy performance to other congregations, and gauge the effectiveness of your energy efficiency efforts.

In addition, we will also need the most recent 12 months of both natural gas and electric bills (original bills are preferred rather than a spreadsheet) for each meter on your property.  Georgia Power customers can access online electric utility data here. (Choose the FREE Standard section.) Please scan all the utility bills, the background information spreadsheet, and the memorandum of understanding, and email them to Program Director, Codi Norred at

Once we receive all requested information, we will set up a call with you to schedule the energy audit. Please be prepared to discuss exactly what spaces will be covered in the audit, individuals available for the audit, and some possible dates and times.

Again, GIPL thanks you for your interest in saving energy and reducing our impact on Creation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us at 404-377-5552.