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Coffee & Something Stronger with Jacob Johns

May 4, 2021

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Jacob Johns, community organizer, social justice, environmental justice, and minority rights activist, joins GIPL's Codi Norred for this week's episode of Coffee & Something Stronger. Coffee & Something Stronger is a weekly show, featuring environmental leaders around Georgia and across the country.

"We as a society crave new models for progressing the consciousness of humanity. As a community organizer, my work stems from this effort to innovate new ways of moving society forward. The out-dated models of how we live on this planet are failing, and we need new paradigms that uplift the planet to a higher state that heals our world. My organizing efforts have focused on multiple interconnected issues involving social justice and minority rights, as well as environmental protection. Currently, I immerse myself in progressing society in a multitude of ways.

I draw from my cultural heritage continuously as I work, using traditional ceremonious concepts, combined with art and activism with each event, rally and movement, taking us one step closer to a mindful planetary consciousness. I am stepping full time into this work in order to help co-create tangible goals instead of adding to opposition. We as human beings need to create new ways of connecting that break down imagined walls of separation."

This episode is part of Eco-Faith from Home: 30 Days of Climate ActionCLICK HERE to learn more.

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GIPL launched "Coffee & Something Stronger" on May 5, 2020!  Each Tuesday GIPL's Codi Norred will invite a faith leader or environmental activist to a conversation on the intersections of faith, climate, and justice.  To watch previous episodes, click here.