Jewish Climate Action Network (JCAN) Georgia promotes environmental stewardship through Jewish community building. Concerned Jewish community members have come together to raise awareness and create solutions around climate change. This diverse group, led by GIPL’s Community Organizer Joanna Kobylivker, represents several congregations, from spiritual leaders to climate scientists. We strongly believe the Atlanta Jewish community has a unique opportunity to be part of the solution.  If you are interested in joining JCAN GA, email Joanna at

JCAN Georgia Mission

JCAN Georgia aims to promote environmental stewardship through Jewish community building.

We seek to:

  • Sound out an urgent and visionary Jewish voice on the crisis of climate change.
  • Build relationships with environmental and justice leaders in Jewish and other communal organizations.
  • Inspire and mobilize Jewish communities to take leadership and participate in bold climate campaigns
  • Develop and provide informational resources to allies working on climate change action to promote environmental stewardship though Jewish community.

Everything we do is rooted in Jewish principles.

JCAN Georgia Community Partners:


Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta (JFGA) —A model of sustainable stewardship and innovation, JFGA offers a powerful network that brings people together in meaningful ways.

Atlanta Rabbinical Association (ARA) — Our spiritual leaders can use their collective voice to connect geographically, philosophically diverse congregations and call for Jewish sustainability.

Hazon — The “Jewish Lab of Sustainability” offers a wealth of knowledge and resources.