Message from the Executive Director:

Since 2003, GIPL has been committed to serving the 15,000 faith communities across Georgia in practices of environmental stewardship and sustainability while drawing attention to the impact of climate change all around us. In the ten years I have worked in this space, I believe evermore that people of faith have a particular offering for the environmental movement.

Primarily, all the world’s major religions teach the value of “love thy neighbor.” This sacred teaching invites us to see ourselves and the world with a different lens. As people of faith, we must see ourselves as more than consumers. We are citizens of this world. We are neighbors sharing a common home. Together, being good stewards of our planet and embracing climate action shows love of neighbor.

These days, love of neighbor looks like:

  • pursuing a new energy plan for Georgia that provides clean, affordable, renewable energy for all;
  • embracing a more sustainable, plant-focused diet that wastes less;
  • planting trees one grove at a time; and
  • engaging our elected officials to adopt climate action plans that protect all communities.

I can attest, from the hundreds of people and houses of worship with whom I connect through GIPL on a weekly basis, that much of what is needed for sustainable living in the 21st century is already underway. And yet, we need to move faster. We can no longer deny that the climate is changing rapidly and having negative impacts on vulnerable communities across the globe. It’s not a matter of when, but HOW.

All of these hopeful climate actions encouraged by GIPL can be practiced as individuals, congregations, and as entire communities. GIPL has the resources to support you in making these changes – whether you join one of our Solarize campaigns, get serious about reducing food waste or support reforestation projects just to name a few.

I am fond of quoting David Orr when he once wrote,  “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.”  So, I invite you to join the GIPL network: let’s roll up our sleeves, get to work and share in the hope for all of Creation!

In hope,

Rev. Kate McGregor Mosley
Executive Director