People Who Educate and Inspire Us

This was a fruitful year for GIPL, filled with good work for the planet and gatherings to inspire Creation care. We’re grateful to all who helped this happen, through their time, money, and wisdom.
Through programs, classes, lectures, keynotes and song, we were inspired and compelled to act on the earth’s behalf. A few of the people who helped lead the way were:

Rev. Sally Bingham, IPL, GIPLRev. Canon Sally G. Bingham
, president and founder of Interfaith Power & Light, who gave the key note address at our 9th Annual GIPPY Awards, and also joined us to speak at our VIP Luncheon. In her messages, Rev. Bingham’s reminded us that, “This is really a life or death situation. This is about our values—shared purpose to protect God’s creation and save ourselves from ourselves. We can do it, we must do it, and with God’s grace and support, we will do it.”
Dr. Marshall Shepherd, climate change, climate conversations, faith and climate change, weather and climate
Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd, meteorologist, director of UGA’s atmospheric sciences program, and past president of the American Meteorological Society, joined us for our Genesis Society reception and the Interfaith Clergy Breakfast to help expand our climate literacy. Shepherd, who describes himself as a “living, breathing scientist who believes there’s no conflict between science and faith,” gave us practical, understandable ways to engage in meaningful conversation about the real, devastating changes that are happening to our planet’s climate.
HudaAlkaffHuda Alkaff, founder and director of the Islamic Environmental Group of Wisconsin and 2015 White House Champion of Change, presented practical, yet meaningful ways Muslims in particular can engage in environmental action here in Georgia at our special event, “Connecting Islamic Faith and Sustainability.” Huda also serves on the national Interfaith Power and Light Campaigns Committee, national Greening Ramadan Task Force, and the Milwaukee Environmental Consortium Board of Directors.
Caroline Herring, GIPLCaroline Herring, singer and songwriter, who shared her gift of song with us at our Summer Solstice event, which gathered people of all faiths in the garden to enjoy fellowship, and celebrate the Solstice through blessings, liturgy, and music. Her haunting and soulful lyrics set the perfect tone for our earth celebration.
Mountaintops are made of 1,000 pound boulders
That roll down the hills and on to our shoulders
Lord let me bear it for safe keeping
Lord let me shield it from my dearest jeremy
Bye baby baby bye
Little baby bye bye
Bye baby baby bye
My little baby bye bye
Mama will rock you til you are sleeping
Angels will hold you in their keeping
Powerful men will make their money
Your name will live here in the mountains of wise county
It’s through your generous support that we’re able to engage in these meaningful connections. We rely on your donations to do the work we do. As you consider your year-end benevolences, know that every dollar given to GIPL through December 31 will be doubled through a special grant. The gifts you give us today will go twice as far toward faithful care for Creation. Any amount helps! You can click here to make a secure donation via our website, or you can mail checks made payable to GIPL to P.O. Box 286, Decatur, GA 30031.
We’re grateful for you and look forward to bringing you more inspiration in 2016!