The Problem with Plant Vogtle:

Plant Vogtle is a nuclear power plant located in Burke County, just 30 miles outside of Augusta, GA. In 2009, two additional nuclear reactors (3 and 4) were approved for construction and scheduled for completion in 2016 and 2017. After several setbacks, and the bankruptcy of the original lead contractor, Westinghouse, Georgia Power received approval from the Public Service Commission in 2017 to manage the project themselves. 

Now, the only two nuclear units still under construction in the United States, Plant Vogtle units 3 and 4 are more than 5 years behind schedule and $4 billion dollars over budget. Georgia Power has already collected $2 billion from customers, most of which is shareholder profit.  As Georgia Power continues to collect these profits as this project is delayed, all customers, including faith communities, schools, hospitals, and non-profits will be forced to pay higher electric bills. Furthermore, this project only continues to increase the energy burden that Georgian’s struggling to pay their electric bills already face. The average household has already paid over $500 in extra fess on its electric bill, and no electricity has been generated from these promised reactors.

The Solution:

Ask the Public Service Commission to: 

  1. Hold Georgia Power accountable for this project; 
  2. Pursue cheaper clean energy solutions like solar; and
  3. Invest in energy-efficiencies for all customers, especially low-income customers, and those experiencing the highest energy burden.

Take Action:

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Tell the Public Service Commission to REJECT Georgia Power’s proposed fee hike today!