Saint Anne's Episcopal Church Receives a GIPL Grant

Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta Awarded $10,000 GIPL Matching Grant for Energy Efficiency Project
During the December 2017 grant committee meeting, the committee was very impressed with the completed and on-going energy efficiency projects Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church and Preschool had completed within the past couple years.  Two projects in particular are its solar panels and upgrading its insulation.  10 kWh solar arrays became operational in 2016 and its projected energy savings in 2017 are expected to be $1,600.  They have also upgraded insulation in its administrative offices and day school.   The insulation in the administrative offices was assisted by a $2,500 matching grant in 2016 from the GIPL Power Wise Program.  In their 2017 grant application, they requested $10,000 (the maximum award) to upgrade all preschool lighting to LED as recommended in their April 4, 2016 Power Wise energy audit.

The total project cost to upgrade lighting to LED in the preschool was estimated at $26,500.  They applied for lighting upgrade incentives from the Georgia Power Small Direct Install Commercial Energy Efficiency Program.  Through their program’s Facilities Solutions Group, Saint Anne’s proposal’s incentive was an amazing $16,151.  With the addition of the $10,000 award from GIPL in 2017, the project is basically cost-free.  In addition, it is estimated that annual energy savings will be $5,868.
Creation care is a term embraced throughout the Saint Anne’s Episcopal congregation.  Their website contains a Green Ministries section for all to track their creation care efforts.  Some other aspects of their program include Healthy Green Schools promoting healthy eating and the purchase of green cleaning supplies to minimize use of harmful chemicals at the school; an            e-banner titled “Around the Building” is used to publicize their solar array and its impact on energy and their carbon footprint.  Three Sundays a year are dedicated to creation care topics during their Christian Formation Classes. Fulton County has recognized their achievements and have awarded them their 2017 Environmental Award.

On January 28, 2018, James Hartzfeld, GIPL Board Member, and renowned sustainability expert presented the $10,000 award to church leadership.
In 2018, help your congregation save money through energy efficiency.  The first step is to obtain a low-cost energy audit through GIPL’s Power Wise Program.  A professional engineer with over 25 years energy management experience will conduct the audit and prepare the audit report which will serve as your roadmap to energy efficiency.  Recommendations in the audit are eligible for up to $10,000 in matching grants.  The deadline for grant applications is November 15, 2018.  Make this the year to help care for creation at and through your congregation.