Solarize Campaign Impact




Total kW Produced

116,026 tons

Co2 Avoided over 25 years

Solarize programs are community-led bulk-purchasing campaigns that makes solar more affordable and more accessible for all. Solarize campaigns allow a community to choose their installer, make an investment in a practical carbon solution, and save money by purchasing at the same time as the rest of your neighbors. These programs are perfect for individual homes, businesses, non-profits, and faith communities! This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to purchase solar in Georgia. Each campaign also donates a free solar installation to a community non-profit!

Right now, we are partners in two distinct campaigns: Solarize Atlanta 2.0 and Solarize Savannah. Sign up now for a free consultation with our partners at Creative Solar. See below for more information.

Still have questions after reading through the information above? Please reach out to GIPL’s Program Associate, Hannah Shultz at

Past Campaigns

Solarize Athens 2.0:
481.11 kW installed; 301 participants; Solar Array Donated to East Athens Development Corporation

Solarize Decatur-DeKalb 2.0:
1114.21 kW installed; 549 participants; Solar Arrays Donated to seniors served by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Project

Solarize Middle Georgia:
323.06 kW installed; 298 participants

Solarize Roswell:
106.75 kW installed; 155 participants

Solarize Newton-Morgan:
85.0 kW installed; 231 participants

Solarize Carrollton-Carroll:
370.66 kW installed; 239 participants

Solarize Atlanta:
890.58 kW installed; 1103 participants; Solar Array Donated to Quest Communities

Solarize Dunwoody:
327.56 kW installed; 282 participants; Solar Array Donated to the Community Assistance Center in Sandy Springs

Solarize Decatur-DeKalb 1.0:
860.95 kW installed; 850 participants; Solar Array Donated to Global Growers’ Bamboo Creek Farm

Solarize Athens 1.0:
429.70 kW installed; 701 participants