Solarize Campaign Impact




Total kW Produced

116,026 tons

Co2 Avoided over 25 years

Solarize programs are community-led bulk-purchasing campaigns that makes solar more affordable and more accessible for all. Solarize campaigns allow a community to choose their installer, make an investment in a practical carbon solution, and save money by purchasing at the same time as the rest of your neighbors. These programs are perfect for individual homes, businesses, non-profits, and faith communities! This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to purchase solar in Georgia. Each campaign also donates a free solar installation to a community non-profit!

Right now, we are partners in two distinct campaigns: Solarize Atlanta 2.0 and Solarize Savannah. Sign up now for a free consultation with our partners at Creative Solar. See below for more information.

Learn more about Solarize Atlanta 2.0
Enrollment Period Deadline: November 30th

Learn more about Solarize Savannah
Enrollment Period Deadline: November 30th

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Past Campaigns

Solarize Athens 2.0:
481.11 kW installed; 301 participants; Solar Array Donated to East Athens Development Corporation

Solarize Decatur-DeKalb 2.0:
1114.21 kW installed; 549 participants; Solar Arrays Donated to seniors served by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Project

Solarize Middle Georgia:
323.06 kW installed; 298 participants

Solarize Roswell:
106.75 kW installed; 155 participants

Solarize Newton-Morgan:
85.0 kW installed; 231 participants

Solarize Carrollton-Carroll:
370.66 kW installed; 239 participants; Open Hands United Christian Ministry

Solarize Atlanta:
890.58 kW installed; 1103 participants; Solar Array Donated to Quest Communities

Solarize Dunwoody:
327.56 kW installed; 282 participants; Solar Array Donated to the Community Assistance Center in Sandy Springs

Solarize Decatur-DeKalb 1.0:
860.95 kW installed; 850 participants; Solar Array Donated to Global Growers’ Bamboo Creek Farm

Solarize Athens 1.0:
429.70 kW installed; 701 participants; Solar Array Donated to Nuçi’s Space