Forming a Green Team

A Green Team is a group of three or more passionate individuals dedicated to advancing sustainability and environmental action in a community of faith.

Green Teams meet regularly to explore their faith tradition’s commitment to care for the natural world and to cultivate individual and communal practices that embody these commitments.

Green Teams seek to educate their faith community, employ practical solutions to combat climate change at the congregational and community level, and challenge unjust systems that perpetuate harm of creation and neighbor. 

Tips for Starting a Green Team

Green Team Registry

Register your Green Team to receive specific Green Team communications, tips, resources, and to receive regular contact from GIPL’s program staff.  GIPL wants to know what programs you’re working on and explore ways we can support you.  

If you don’t have a Green Team in your community of faith but are ready to form one, read on!

Current Green Team Registry Members

Resources for Registered Green Teams

Registered Green Team have access to a variety of special resources and events such as Green Team Coaching, Green Team Roundtables, and the Eco-Challenge. Click here for more information about these opportunities.