Why I Went Solar

Solarize Newton-Morgan is a community-based solar photovoltaic group purchasing program that helps homeowners, businesses and nonprofits save on the cost of solar by leveraging the power of bulk purchasing — the more that participate, the greater the savings! Sara Vinson is one of our Solarize Newton-Morgan Ambassadors. She reflects…
While adding 18 solar panels to a single-family home won’t change the world, it feels like the investment my husband and I are making in a 5.31 kW solar system is changing our relationship in the fight against environmental pollution and climate change. We’re choosing clean energy production and reducing our carbon footprint in a very visible and relatively expensive way. While the investment will pay back over a period of years, for the short term, we’re choosing solar panels over a family vacation, a home renovation and a used car for one of our two, young adult children.
In addition to clean energy production, installing solar panels gives us a talking point. We’ve become solar ambassadors when we speak to neighbors, friends and elected officials. We’ve learned a lot about solar panels, inverters, Tesla Powerwalls, and electricity rate plans. Now we can teach others based on that experience.

Significantly, we’re not going off the grid. We’re still connected. We’re still part of the problem. However, by participating in our local Solarize Newton-Morgan campaign and going solar with fellow community members, we’re helping to bring community attention to a clean energy solution. So, while adding solar panels to one home won’t change the world, I believe it can change the conversation and add to the growing momentum for a clean energy future.
Interested in learning more about going solar?  Visit GIPL’s Solar Wise program, and sign up for your free solar assessment today.