Helping Congregations Embrace Energy Efficiency and Save Money!

GIPL’s Power Wise program is designed to help congregations conserve energy and save money by providing low cost, professional energy audits and matching grant funding for energy efficiency upgrades. 

Since 2003, GIPL has performed over 300 energy audits for faith communities across the state of Georgia and awarded over $800,000 in energy efficiency matching grant funds to help congregations make the necessary upgrades that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. This has not only allowed each of these congregations to save money on their energy bills, but it is a practical way for congregations to combat climate change by simply decreasing the amount of energy they use. 

Enrollment in the Power Wise program includes:

  • Professional Energy Audit
  • Analysis of Energy Data of the entire congregation’s campus
  • Customized Energy Efficiency Projects and Implementation Plan
  • Personal Audit Review and debrief in consultation with GIPL staff
  • Eligibility to apply for energy efficiency matching grants of up to $10,000 each year, for up to six years.

Synagogues, mosques, churches, temples, religious schools, and other worship facilities are eligible to participate in this program! The fee to enroll in Power Wise ranges from $300-$500 and is based on a congregation’s membership.