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Our Mission

Georgia Interfaith Power & Light engages communities of faith in stewardship of Creation as a direct expression of our faithfulness and as a religious response to global climate change, resource depletion, environmental injustice, pollution, and other disruptions in Creation.


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“The Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.” Psalm 24:1 |

Holy Family Catholic Church is nestled on a gently sloping hill with a winding creek that runs behind a backdrop of large oak trees.  What makes Holy Family unique, however, is its blend of English, Spanish, and Portuguese, speaking parishioners.  This diversity naturally brings vibrancy to the faith community.  It also creates a lot of …

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Scar |

One of the things I love most about hiking up a mountain on the Appalachian Trail is the anticipation of the view from the top.  In Virginia I tackled a stretch of the trail that begins at lower elevation near the ancient and misnamed New River.  The path took me over rocks and through streams, …

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