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Our Mission

Georgia Interfaith Power & Light engages communities of faith in stewardship of Creation as a direct expression of our faithfulness and as a religious response to global climate change, resource depletion, environmental injustice, pollution, and other disruptions in Creation.


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Precious Plastic: Faithfully Reducing Our Waste |

Like so many good things, we started over food. We established First United Methodist Church of Brunswick’s Green Team in an effort to eliminate the Styrofoam cups and plates that came with our Sunday morning coffees and Wednesday Night suppers. (It takes 500 years for Styrofoam to decompose.) It’s a simple, easily attainable goal, and …

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Will The Water Bring Us Together? |

A watershed is a system defined by the flow of water particular to a specific geographical location.  It accounts for how the continuous movement of water through a particular place affects the creatures and the resources belonging to that place. While people of faith are most often organized according to their religion or common belief …

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